Enhance your hot tub soaking with a salt water system

For decades, people have been able to enjoy and embrace swimming in salt water pools. We’ve chatted with many folks over the years that simply love swimming in water that feels more natural and effervescent.

 That’s why we were thrilled when Hot Spring introduced the ACE Salt Water System five years ago. For the first time in the hot tub industry, a patented design brought salt water soaking to hot tubs, eliminating the need for a lot of chemicals and enriching the hot tub experience.

 Why do people love the ACE Salt System so much? Let us count the ways…

  • Fewer chemicals. First off, the ACE Salt System converts salt in the water into the sanitizer needed for your tub. No need to add any chlorine or shock to the water after each use.
  • Extended water life. Because fewer chemicals are used, the actual life of the body of water in your hot tub is lengthened significantly. In fact, many Hot Spring Spa owners using ACE find they can leave the water in their tub for a year before draining and refilling the tub. (That also means you’re being kinder to the environment, using less water over time.)
  • Softer skin & happier eyes. By soaking in salt water, your skin isn’t exposed to any of the fillers found in bottle hot tub products. These are the main culprits that create odor, eye irritation, and dry skin. You’ll actually be thrilled at how much fresher your hot tub water will feel and smell when using ACE.
  • Therapeutic benefits. More studies need to be done on soaking in salt water in a hot tub. However, history has proven that salt water bathing can relieve joint pain & ease swelling. Salt water soaking is great for relaxing after exercising too, helping your body recover from exertion. Since salt water provides such terrific buoyancy, you’ll feel instant relief.
  • No one loves water care—that’s one thing that Hot Spring specifically attacked when creating the ACE Salt System. No adding product after each use—simply heat the Clean Cycle button and let the tub do the work for you! A few minutes a week checking alkalinity and pH levels is the extent of what’s needed to make sure things are in good shape. (The ACE System creates its own ozone, which actually aids in keeping pH levels neutral and oxidizing contaminants for you.)
  • It just feels great! If you’ve loved swimming and floating in a salt water pool, think of how terrific it would be to enjoy a salt water hot tub!

 Ready to enjoy your own salt water tub at home? Then it’s time for a Hot Spring Spa! And—the timing couldn’t be better! Hot Spring is offering up a FREE ACE Salt System with all new Hot Spring Spas! Get to your nearest Oregon Hot Tub location today and get more details. But hurry! This promotion will end Monday, September 29th. Don’t miss out!