Energy Efficiency in a Hot Spring Spa

The ultra energy efficient Hot Spring Spa


As we gear up for Earth Day this week, which is a day designated to highlight our world and ways we can conserve its gifts to us, I came across a stunning statistic on electrical consumption for hot tubs, according to Valley Electrical Association, Inc., based in Pahrump, Nevada.

According to their Online Usage Calculator, they feel you should dedicate 600 kWh of energy to electrical consumption of a hot tub!

Fortunately for Oregon Hot Tub, we chose to become a dealer for Hot Spring Spas. Since its beginnings in 1977, Hot Spring has focused on offering the best hot tub the industry has to offer with an emphasis on ease of use and energy efficiency.

Things that help make Hot Spring the most energy efficient hot tub available today? Multiple layers of high density foam, a dedicated pump to heat and clean the water quietly (using less power than a 75 watt light bulb), a heat induction system designed to infuse excess heat created by the jet pumps back into the water through the jets, and LED lighting that uses a fraction of the power typical hot tub lighting uses. All these things are just a hint at what go into making our hot tubs true energy-saving powerhouses.

The end result? A Hot Spring Spa will operate for a third of the cost Valley Electrical Association expects the average hot tub to use! Using Portland General Electric’s average kWh rate of about 7.1 cents, that means a mid-sized Hot Spring Spa will easily cost less than $17.00 per month—less than the cost of a week’s worth of lattes, and far less than the cost of a tank of gas!

Hot Spring is known as the Earth Smart & Energy Smart hot tub…it’s clear why!

Check back in later this week on Earth Day and read about the terrific water savings you’ll enjoy by owning a Hot Spring Spa from Oregon Hot Tub.