End the Procrastination Now…Get a Hot Tub for the Holidays!

With the…well, let’s say “inconsistency” we’ve all experienced over the last couple of years in our economic world, many key purchases we’ve all wanted to make have been put on the back burner. A lot of people have adopted the “wait and see” attitude when it comes to buying that new appliance, new car, the trip to somewhere exciting…or that year round backyard vacation—the hot tub.

Reports this year, however, show that this holiday season will mark the return to buying those long-awaited gifts we’ve all wanted for so long. In fact, it’s estimated that big ticket purchases this holiday season will be up 18% over 2009.

Lori, a long time owner of a Hot Spring Classic (she’s owned her tub for 21 years!) recently came to test soak in a Hot Spring Vanguard and a Limelight Flair. She and her husband Tim love their hot tub and made it a regular part of daily life. They’ve wanted to upgrade from their Classic tub for a few years, and decided they’ve denied themselves long enough. With the introduction this year of the terrific ACE Saltwater Sanitizing System, they decided now was the time.

Since Lori’s husband was out of town, she decided to bring her friend Audrey in for a test soak with her. Audrey is a hot tub fanatic! She and her husband recently retired. One of the ways they celebrate their retirement is by starting what used to be a work week by soaking every Monday in their hot tub. They have a champagne toast to the next chapter of their life while soaking in their spa.

What a great tradition!

Start your new tradition today with a new hot tub for the holidays from Oregon Hot Tub! If you have an old hot tub that’s seen better days, now is the perfect time to take advantage of buying a new one. Our Trade In/Trade Up specials are running now in all our showrooms! Visit us today and pick the perfect hot tub to be delivered before Christmas. You’ll congratulate yourself on a terrific gift that will give back to you and yours every day of the year!