Embrace the Rain by Soaking in Your Hot Tub!

So…fall is here. With that comes the usual onslaught of rainier days and nights. Don’t let a rainy day dissuade you from using your hot tub! It’s absolutely one of the best ways to ward off any gloomy feelings gray days can bring on for many.

All you need to do is be ready for a rainy hot tub soak! Here are a few smart ways to make sure you can embrace soaking in the rain.

  • Shield yourself. Oregonians have perfected the portable umbrella—it’s called a ball cap. Pop one on your head when you trot out to the tub for a soak. It’ll help keep your head warm and shield you from the rain.
  • Soak with a friend! It’s pretty great to have someone join you in the tub during a rainy night. It’s a great time to sit and chat—or just relax and listen to the pitter patter of raindrops on the surface of the water and the surrounding foliage.
  • Have something toasty to drink. Get your favorite insulated travel mug, fill it up with some yummy spiced cider or hot cocoa and sip it during your soak. You’ll have the hot tub warming up your body, and your drink getting you warm and cozy on the inside.
  • Plan ahead before your soak. Toss your favorite robe and towel into the dryer on low heat. They’ll be warm and welcoming when you come inside from your soak and will absolutely feel terrific!
  • Make it fun! Add aromatherapy to the water, play your favorite music, bring water-proof playing cards to the tub for a good ol’ card game…there’s plenty you can do to make the most of a rainy day soak.

Is it raining right now…? Must be time for the hot tub!