Eight reasons you should be ready for a traditional steam sauna

Sometimes the simplest reason you should think about having your own personal steam sauna at home is that it’s good for you! With our entire line of portable Helo Saunas, as well as our ability to create a custom cut sauna for your home, it’s easier than ever to create your own sauna paradise, available for your everyday use.

While there are tons of studies that have been done about the positive effects of regular sauna use (and lots of anecdotal evidence as well), it bears repeating from time to time what some of the top benefits of sauna use are. Here’s a list of eight reasons you should take a step towards better health and invest in a traditional steam sauna.

  1. Respiratory benefits. Regular sauna use helps with relief from many respiratory issues, including asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, chest congestion, and laryngitis. For an extra boost, consider adding essential oil to the water poured on the heater. Eucalyptus oil smells fantastic, and aids in accelerating the steam benefits.
  2. Muscle recovery. Muscles that have been given the what-for in a good workout, run, cycle, or other strenuous activity benefit greatly from the toxin flushing provided by a traditional steam sauna session.
  3. Stress reduction. Had a particularly stressful day? Sweat it out! Elevating your body’s core body temperature through a sauna session will help stimulate endorphin production—your body’s “good mood” producer.
  4. Immunity boost. We all hear about how important flu shots are at this time of year. Perhaps one of the best natural flu shots you can give yourself is a regular tri to the sauna. Using a sauna a minimum of three times per week can boost your body’s white blood cell production, and assist in warding off the onset of both colds and flu.
  5. Great skin. Regular sauna use will keep your skin glowing and healthy by consistent sloughing of dead skin cells and other epidermal impurities. It will also help speed up the healing of cuts, and help prevent scarring.
  6. Better sleep. Increasing your body’s core temperature, then going through the cool down after a sauna signals your body to relax and ready you for a deeper, more restful night’s sleep. You’ll fall into deep REM sleep faster, and have fewer nightly sleep interruptions.
  7. Heart health. When you take a sauna, your core body temperature raising results in the increase of cardiac output. Raising your heart rate to the 110-120 beats per minute when using a sauna helps train your heart muscles to improve cardiovascular performance.
  8. Burn calories! Yes, it’s true. You can burn about 300 calories in a traditional sauna session that averages at least 20 minutes. Do the math on how many calories you could burn after a workout three times a week—it’s good math!

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