The easiest way to give yourself a makeover? Regular sauna use!

Like it or not, people are obsessed with the way they look, and the way others perceive them. It’s just one of those fallible parts of being a human being. During the recent years of recession, did you know that over $10 billion was spent each year on cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery?? WOW! Billions more are spent every year on makeup, hair care products, weight loss products…anything we can find to throw some money at to make us look better (and ultimately feel better about ourselves)? We’ll do it!

Here’s a stunning secret to give you a makeover that will last—regular sauna use! From head to toe, regular sauna use will give you the healthy youthful appearance we all crave—and help ward off the effects of aging over time. If you owned your own sauna, you could treat it as your personal “sauna salon”. Take a look at what happens when you take a regular sauna:

  • Saunas guard against acne. Blackheads, pimples, and other skin blemishes are the result of pores getting blocked by oil and dead skin cells. Regular sauna use opens the pores of your skin, allowing them to extract and expel these oils and expired cells. Your skin will look refreshed and create a terrific ongoing glowing skin tone.
  • Saunas preserve your youthful appearance. Regular sauna use is an excellent way to give your skin a workout. Sauna use increases blood flow to your skin, flooding it with natural moisturizing, antibiotics and natural exfoliation. The elasticity of your skin is improved, helping to eliminate small wrinkles and creases. It’s the best facial you can truly get! Saunas also help you alleviate stress—stress that typically manifests itself in worry lines, dark circles under the eyes, and more.
  • Saunas will aid in healthy looking hair. How much do you spend on hair care products? Sauna use activates your scalp’s sebaceous glands. This activity releases compounds that your body naturally produces to moisturize and condition your hair. This natural conditioning is better than anything you can buy in a bottle!
  • Sauna use is nature’s perfect cardio routine. Not everyone can endure a good cardio session at a gym. But, everyone knows good cardio is key to a healthy heart and a healthy you. Sauna sessions increase your heart rate, similar to the way a mild exercise cycle will. It’s an excellent way to mimic a cardio routine for those recovering from heart attacks or dealing with high blood pressure. (Of course, we recommend consulting your physician about sauna use if you have these conditions before partaking.)
  • Saunas can help you lose and maintain a healthy weight. While there have been numerous studies claiming that sauna use will help you burn various numbers of calories per session, the more important result from sauna use with weight goes deeper. When you’re attempting to maintain a healthy weight, regular sauna use helps your body equalize the hormones that control our desire to overeat! In 2003, Japan’s Kagoshima University studied the effects of heat therapy. As part of the study, five women and five men were studied. All ate a diet of 1,800 calories a day and took a daily sauna. At the end of a two week period, every one of them had lost weight! Body fat fell 37%-42% collectively in the group! It was also noted that none of the participants got hungry as quickly as before the study, and they were no longer temped to overeat or snack between meals.

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