Dry skin from hot tub soaking? Switch to a hot tub with salt water

A lot of hot tub lovers embrace the way a hot tub makes them feel. Sleeping better, getting rid of muscle aches, aiding with arthritis issues and more are all reasons soaking in a hot tub is good for you. What many don’t love is the way their skin dries out from using a hot tub, thanks to the combination of hot water and chemicals.

Why not ditch the old and usher in the new? Consider a Hot Spring Spa with an ACE Salt System.

Soaking in salt water is beneficial for your skin in so many ways. In fact, bathing in salt water solutions predates the birth of Christ by 500 years! Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine”, encouraged patients to bathe in warmed salt water from the sea, as he noticed fisherman who soaked their injured hands in salt water had fewer infections and healed faster after salt soaks. This was known as thalassotherapy.

Salt water stimulates circulation, and helps your skin actually increase its ability to retain moisture. Hence, no dry skin normally experienced after soaking in a hot tub with old school chemicals! A study way back in 1982 in Israel found that itching resulting in dry skin, and skin scaling subsided with salt water soaking.

It can also help reduce muscle and joint inflammation, relax muscles, and help with pain.

Hot Spring introduced its revolutionary ACE Salt Water System in 2009. It’s hard to believe we’ve enjoyed this feature on our tubs for five years already, and the reports from customers who use it are incredibly positive. It’s amazing what a difference it makes on your skin while soaking, and how much more enjoyable it makes the hot tub experience. And, because it’s a fully integrated system (not some aftermarket add-on Band-Aid found on other hot tubs), it’s easy to operate and performs beautifully.

If you’re considering a new hot tub, why not visit one of our stores today and let us show you how easy it is to use the ACE Salt System. Take a test soak in one of our showroom models featuring ACE and discover for yourself hot terrific the water feels. You’ll love it!