Ditch That Painful Migraine in Your Hot Tub

Nothing is more frustrating, debilitating, or maddening for many individuals than the sudden onslaught of a migraine. Your day grinds to a halt, and getting relief becomes everything. You’re not alone—history shows that Napoleon, Julius Caesar, and Elvis Presley were routinely hit with migraines.

Symptoms of migraines usually include severe pain on one side of your head that may be worsened through the simplest physical activity, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound.

Instead of retreating to a dark quiet room in your house and waiting for the worst to pass, make an active decision to conquer your migraine. Soaking in your hot tub may be one key to overcoming that head throbbing pain. The dilation of blood vessels resulting from a soak in your hot tub, along with raising your body’s core temperature, can relieve the vessel restriction that often helps a migraine take hold.

For other suggestions on how to combat migraines through natural means—including regular doses of B-complex vitamins—take a look at this info from The Healthier Life.

Migraines certainly do their best to overtake you when they hit—a hot tub soak may be one way to tackle it and get you back to your old self!