Discover Peace and Health with an Infrared Sauna

At Oregon Hot Tub, we’re definitely not “sweatin’ to the oldies”! In fact, we’ve embraced the newest way to a healthy sweat—the infrared sauna.

More and more studies are emerging every day on the terrific benefits enjoyed by daily use of an infrared sauna. Not only will an infrared sauna give you a quiet haven to retreat to at the start or finish of a busy day, it will also help rid your body of toxins we are bombarded with at every turn during our lifetime.

The biggest mystery for many is, “What the heck is infrared heating, anyway?” Well, without getting too scientific, an infrared sauna mimics the healthy heat manufactured by the sun. You get the benefit of warmth, inducing a sweat without the harmful effects of UV rays. Far infrared rays have the ability to penetrate below your skin, far enough to elevate your body’s temperature and stimulate circulation. This in turn helps open your pores, and your body is then able to rid itself of toxins.

The benefits of infrared saunas abound. In addition to detoxifying your system, it will aid in eliminating joint stiffness from rheumatoid arthritis, allow those with fibromyalgia by assisting in restoring normal autonomic nervous system functions, help your body’s immune system resist colds, and fight against skin maladies—acne & other skin disorders. Skin tone and elasticity has been found to dramatically improve with regular infrared sauna use—your complexion will never be better!

It’s been documented that using an infrared sauna for a minimum of 30 minutes will also burn up to 300 calories!

Infrared saunas also open up the world of healthy sweating who don’t enjoy the steam heat of a traditional sauna. You’ll be able to relax without feeling you’re overheating, giving your body a chance to soak in the heat—and sweat out the toxins.

We offer a complete line of saunas at Oregon Hot Tub. Our line of Helo Saunas is part of the family of brands manufactured by Saunatec, the world’s largest sauna manufacturer, in business over 90 years. In fact, their home factory is still located in Finland. Our complete line of saunas will give you a choice of infrared, traditional steam or outdoor saunas…everything to help you on your way to a new healthy you.

Can you feel the heat? You should! Visit our stores today to find out more.