Destroying the Myths About Buying a Hot Tub

You’ve come to a life changing decision today: You’re going to buy a hot tub.

The first thing we at Oregon Hot Tub would like to say is, “Congratulations!” If you’ve never had a hot tub before, you’re in for a treat. A hot tub will help you reconnect with loved ones, allow you an escape from the complexities of daily life, rejuvenate your body, help induce a more restful night’s sleep, enhance your overall health and create a new sense of well being.

Well…that is…if you buy the RIGHT hot tub.

It’s quite fascinating how the human mind works. Customers will start shopping for a hot tub these days by doing a lot of research online, in the hopes of gaining some knowledge on what’s important to look for in a new hot tub. Once feeling significantly armed with this newfound education, the field trip to a local hot tub company begins.

This is where, as one industry sales trainer claims, the hot tub headache starts. Hot tub salespeople will try to impress you with multiple jet pumps, crazy numbers of jets, hot tub covers you can jump on top of, programmable controls…Wait a minute. Go back to the start of this blog entry. When you decided you were going to buy a hot tub, which of these things had you decided were important to you?? Chances are, the answer is none of them!

This is what you need to keep in mind when you do go out to shop for a hot tub. List your reasons for wanting a hot tub—and the things you want in a hot tub—on a piece of paper. Bring it into every showroom you choose to visit.

In surveys done with people who own hot tubs, the things that they love most about their tubbing experience have nothing to do with many of the things salespeople try to get you focused on. What ends up being the things they love?

  • Peace & Quiet–Nothing is more annoying that a tub cycling on and off at all hours of the day & night.
  • Efficiency—A tub that doesn’t cause a significant jump in your power and water bills.
  • Clean Water—Really, this is more critical than the first two things listed. You, your friends and family should be sitting in the cleanest, most organic body of hot water available. Water care options, as well as filtration, need to be considered equally, as you must have both to enable the safest healthiest soaking environment.
  • Simplicity—If you need an owners manual to run your hot tub and decipher every hieroglyphic reading on the control panel to figure out what’s going on, there’s a problem, Houston. (Did you ever really enjoy trying to figure out how to program that VCR?) Your tub should be ready when you are, the control panel should speak to you in English, and it should be easy to operate.
  • Easy care—Was chemistry your forte in school? Do you think it will be now once you own a hot tub? Excactly. The tub you choose should be easy to maintain and take as little effort as possible. Filtration is key to this equation, as balanced filtration is the building block easy water care is built on. The tub should do the lion share of the work on its own. And, if you have a question, the tub company you choose to partner with should absolutely be known for its service after the sale.

This is what’s truly important to find when you seek out the perfect hot tub for you and your family. Define what’s important to you, make your list, stay focused, avoid bell and whistle distractions from certain salespeople, and you’ll succeed in finding the best hot tub to enrich your life. That’s really what it should be about, don’t you agree?

We at Oregon Hot Tub are excited to help you emerge victorious in your hot tub quest. Visit us today, and discover how we can find the right tub for you!