Create a private swim spa oasis with the perfect plants

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about waking up and refreshing your back yard. If you have installed a swim spa in your back yard, or thinking of doing so this spring, one dilemma many face is how to achieve privacy around the spa.

Privacy can certainly be achieved by structures and fences, but a great way to achieve privacy is with the perfect plants. Not only will you get the privacy you desire, you’ll also create a terrific environment to surround yourself for those daily dips in the water to exercise, relax, and reflect.

There are a number of plants that are ideal for surrounding water in the Northwest. For privacy, many enjoy bamboo (, since it will grow nice and tall and is hardy. In fact, it needs to be stated again that it is hardy. Don’t make the mistake of planting bamboo right in the ground—it can easily spread and take over your yard…and it’s not easy to stop once it’s started. If you’d like to make bamboo part of your privacy plan, plant it in beautiful ceramic pots. This will also raise up the bamboo to a height where you can achieve privacy quickly.

Saucer Magnolias are another terrific tree to create privacy. It will also add special beauty in the spring to your back yard with its beautiful purplish-pink blossoms. These trees are also hardy, and thrive on all manner of moist soil.

Red Osier Dogwood is another terrific option around a pool or swim spa. You’ll get terrific lush foliage from this plant, with green leaves in the summer transitioning to light reddish purple in the fall. You’ll also enjoy lovely white flowers from late spring to September.

Finally, for complementary ground coverage, consider using Japanese Painted Ferns, which can grow up to 2-3 feet high if desired. The fern’s beautiful grayish green leaves will be stunning in the moonlight for those nighttime swims.

Now that you know the perfect plants to surround your swim spa with…isn’t it time to own one of your own? Take some time to visit Oregon Hot Tub and check out our line of TidalFit Swim Spas. You’ll love having your own year round private swimming oasis!