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What’s the difference between a Traditional, Infrared, and Infra-Sauna?

You’re probably aware that there are many health advantages that come from owning a sauna, but with three different types of saunas to choose from, you might be wondering, “What are the different benefits each sauna provides?” Well first, let’s start by going over what all our saunas have in common.

  • All our saunas will help you sweat….A LOT!
  • All our saunas will give you similar benefits: detoxification, improved circulation, a stronger immune system, stress and pain relief, and weight loss….the list goes on and on.
  • All of the saunas we sell are from Finnleo (a Finnish company) and are proven to last and maintain quality for the years to come.
  • All saunas come in varying shape and size. Have a design in mind that you don’t see here? We will make yours custom-built!

So now that you know a little more about what Finnleo Saunas can offer you, let’s go into some differences.

Spec Traditional Sauna Infrared Sauna Infra-Sauna
Method of Heat Steam Infrared waves Both
Main Purpose By adding water on top of the heated rocks, you can create your own amount of steam. Steam generally disperses evenly throughout the Sauna. Most people use this system for relaxing, aromatherapy, and a strong immune system. Don’t let the lower temperature fool you. Infrared waves penetrate deeper than a traditional sauna and are mainly used for helping with injuries, joint relaxation, weight loss, and detoxification. Infrared waves focus on heating you instead of the room. The Infra-Sauna gives you the option to use either steam or infrared waves. This allows you the option to choose which method feels best for you at the time. Relax with friends in steam, and then focus on your back pain with Infrared.
Temperature Range 150⁰-185⁰+ F 120⁰-140⁰ F 150⁰-185⁰+ F
Humidity You control (wet heat) None (dry heat) You control
Session Durations 10-15 minutes 10-15 minutes 10-15 minutes
Is it Safe? Make sure you limit yourself, and stay hydrated. Infrared waves are safe. Come to one of our locations for a demonstration on wave safety. Hydration is also important. See traditional and infrared notes.