Celebrate Earth Day!

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd by…soaking in a hot tub!

Friday, April 22nd is the day set aside in 2011 to celebrate Earth Day, meant to heighten awareness of the gift of our planet’s natural environment. Founded in 1970 in the U.S., Earth Day has grown into a globally recognized date, now celebrated in more than 175 countries.

This year, Oregon Hot Tub hopes you’ll make soaking in a Hot Spring Spa part of your Earth Day celebration. Why? Consider these startling statistics:

  • According to the Water Systems Council, soaking in a bathtub averages 50 gallons for each use; taking a 10 minute shower can use even more—50-100 gallons for each shower!

Our most popular Hot Spring Spa, the Vanguard holds 400 gallons of water. With our advanced water care systems and outstanding filtration, you can usually leave the water in a Hot Spring Spa for at least six months before draining and refilling with a fresh supply!

Take a bath three times per week for six months and you’ll likely use 3,600 gallons of water! You could enjoy a soak in a Vanguard every night of the week and save 3,200 gallons of water…that’s quite simply good math.

Happy Earth Day!