The cautions of drinking and soaking

When using the hot tub, please don’t commit an SUI (Soaking Under the Influence)

We know: Soaking in a hot tub with a glass of wine sounds like an excellent way to unwind after a hard day. And, perhaps one glass while soaking won’t exactly kill you. But, drinking too much alcohol and soaking in the hot tub? Just like driving, the two are not exactly a good combination.

There are plenty of good things that a hot tub does for you that don’t exactly mix well with too much alcohol. Here’s a sampling of why it’s best to leave drinking to a time outside of hot tub time:

• When you soak, the time you spend in a hot tub can cause you to sweat as much as one liter in 20 minutes. That type of detoxifying is great for your body, but it’s also a cause of dehydration. (Hence, one of the reasons why it’s good to drink water during a hot tub soak.) However, alcohol is also a cause of dehydration. Put the two together and too many side effects that aren’t great could occur: You may become light headed, dizzy, weak, and could even experience an unhealthy increase in heart rate (palpitations).
• While a hot tub can give you a way to relax, adding alcohol to the session can enhance that feeling of relaxation beyond what’s beneficial. You could end up relaxing your mind and your muscles too much. That could result in falling asleep or going unconscious in the tub, and the risk of drowning might occur.
• Lack of coordination from alcohol intake combined with the way a hot tub soak can relax you is also an issue. You might misstep climbing out of the tub and take a tumble. The chance of an injury escalates, and you could end up visiting an emergency room (or worse!) if you don’t have good grasp of your faculties.

These are just a few items that prove why alcohol isn’t a good idea when taking a hot tub. We hope you’ll take these to heart, and not be caught soaking under the influence. It will be much better for you in the long run!