The smart way to buy a used hot tub

Hey, we know exactly what it’s like when the hot tub bug bites. It’s getting nicer outside, you’re doing those outdoor projects, planning a new yard or a new deck and you think, “Yes! Now’s the time to get a hot tub!”


Once you start doing some shopping, you realize that hot tubs (a good one) are more expensive than you thought. The days of a quality, energy-efficient hot tub for $5,000? Those days are long gone, and in fact haven’t been around for nearly 20 years.


So, you think about buying a used hot tub online. Let’s do you a favor and stop you right there. If your goal is to get into a hot tub and do it for a small amount of money, buying a hot tub via craigslist or another online source may not be the best idea?


Why? Well, the upshot here is that buying a used hot tub from an individual is very much a shot in the dark. You’ll never really know how that hot tub was maintained, or if proper water care was part of its history. Good water care is actually key to the life of a hot tub. If pH is left unchecked for extended periods, it can break down plumbing and corrode parts of the hot tub your eye can never examine when purchasing a used unit. You’ll have other expenses to consider too: a new cover, new filters, water care products, moving the hot tub, electrical… How do you make a decision with confidence?


We’re not going to leave you in the lurch. Most people don’t even realize that Oregon Hot Tub selects tubs that we receive in trade for refurbishing and finding a new home. If you’re going to buy a hot tub second hand, we think it best to buy it from a hot tub expert—one that’s been in business for years, and offered a tub brand known for its durability, reliability and energy efficiency. Plus, once you purchase a renewed tub from Oregon Hot Tub, we’ll be there to support you once you make that decision. We’ll help you with delivery, give guidance on water care, and offer assistance keeping your tub in good working condition.


In other words, don’t take a risk with your hard earned money. Invest in a renewed hot tub from Oregon Hot Tub! It will make it much easier for you to relax and enjoy that tub with confidence.


Check out our current renewed hot tubs. Then, get ready to make your hot-tub-on-a-budget dream a reality!