Now you can “sauna your way” at a Burger King!


We know that Finns love their saunas. With one sauna for every three people in Finland, it’s obvious that it’s a vital part of Finn living—from relaxing and socializing to even a place for business meetings. Now, at a Burger King in Helsinki, you can get a Whopper and take in a sauna too!


Designed for Burger King by a celebrated Finnish designer Teuvo Loman, the sauna features the fast food chain’s signature red and blue colors and is outfitted with Burger King Sauna towels. A high design traditional sauna steam heater in white complete with white sauna stone anchors the back wall of the sauna. A dressing room, showers and a lounge area are available for before and after a sauna session. There’s even a television in the sauna with gaming options!


While guests enjoy the sauna, servers periodically check in and take food and drink orders. Eventually, the hope is that there will be tablets available to allow customers to place orders themselves while enjoying their sauna session. Then, after they wrap up their sauna time, they can shower and emerge refreshed to enjoy their Whopper time.


Loman’s sauna design for Burger King recently won one of Euromonitor International’s “New Concepts in Foodservice Contest” awards that recognized innovation in customization, technology and new experiences in food services. Remarkably, it received the third place award (what could really top this?).


If you don’t want to travel all the way to Helsinki for this type of sauna experience, maybe you should visit us to day and check out our line of Finnleo Saunas and Big Green Eggs. You could certainly do your own flame broiled burgers and enjoy them after a sauna session in your own sauna every night!