Can you hot tub anywhere? How about in a hammock?!

Human beings are insanely creative. It seems every time you turn around nowadays something is introduced or talked about and the only thing you could possibly say is, “No way!”


Well, when we heard about this innovation, we responded with exactly that: “No way!” For those who love the great outdoors, you might want to pack along a HydroHammock to enhance your enjoyment of nature in a whole new way. And, guess what? It’s made right here in Oregon.


If you want a way to take your hot tubbing beyond your own backyard, you’ll enjoy this fun alternative. The hammock is made of highly tensile Sunbrella material, coated with silicone to make it water tight. It will hold up to 50 gallons of water. While that doesn’t sound like much, the shape of the hammock and the water displacement created by a human will do the trick to give you good immersion.


Since its introduction, they now have a number of alternatives available. The deluxe version includes a dual layered hammock for the ability to add extra insulation in colder climates. It also comes with straps for easy set up. A portable heating system accompanies this version, which features an on-demand liquid propane water heater that recirculates the water, supplying hours of hot water. (And, even though you may be roughing it, of course the heater has a dual USB port to charge your mobile devices!)


Made in Ashland Oregon, the hammock comes in a variety of colors.


Can you believe it?! You just never know where hot tub passion will take you if you’re creative and innovative. Yet another terrific way to embrace hot tub wellness.


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