Attention apartment & condo dwellers: Here are five great ways you can relax in a big way!

We hear a lot from folks who live in small spaces. They’d all love to have the luxuries of relaxation at home, but obviously don’t have a lot of space they can dedicate to the cause. Well, Oregon Hot Tub shows you five great options to relax BIG in a small space!

  • If you live in a townhouse condo or apartment with a small patio, you too can slip into the bubbly hot water of a hot tub from the makers of Hot Spring Spas. The Hot Spot TX measures only 5’ 8½” from its back corner to its outer edges. It will fit snugly into the corner of a patio. Equipped with ten terrific jets (including the patented Moto-Massage), it delivers fabulous massage in a grand way. No special wiring needed—the TX plugs into a standard 15-amp 110V outlet! No need to sit in harsh chemicals, either—the ability to add EverFresh to the tub allows you to take your soak in virtually chlorine free water. Add the fantastic optional SilentFlo® 5000 circulation system to the tub. Not only will it keep the water clean and hot 24 hours a day, it will also save you money on your electric bill AND prevent the tub from ever making any noise as it does its job. Your neighbors will never complain about hot tub noise in the middle of the night!
  • Want a terrific massage as you relax with a good book or catch up on the TV shows you’ve recorded on your DVR? Consider the Infinity IT-8500 massage chair. With its ability to provide lumbar heat and give your spine a full stretch, you’ll decompress your entire spine and be treated to a shiatsu-style massage for your entire body. Even your hands and arms get treated, as well as fantastic reflexology for tired feet. You’ll love it!
  • How about your own in-home traditional steam sauna? “No way!” you say? “Way!” we say! Finnleo has created the perfect answer to a sauna in a small space with the Passport portable sauna. Four square feet of unused space in your home can be filled with a yummy treat of detox and relaxing in your own steam sauna. The Viki heater inside the unit takes a minimum of space while providing maximum therapy. Outfitted with interior and exterior lighting, color therapy lighting, and its own sound system, you can step into your own little steamy paradise and sweat out the day’s events. We’ll set it up for you in less than 45 minutes, then plug it into a standard household outlet and you’re set.
  • Love the idea of a sauna but really love the idea of infrared therapy? We’ve got that too! In fact, we have TWO options for you. The S820 Finnleo Infrared Sauna is only 45” deep and 4’3” wide. Equipped with Finnleo’s patented CarbonFlex® infrared panels, you’ll be enveloped in not only terrific heat therapy, but also the safest infrared therapy available today. Finnleo’s UltraPure heating achieves therapy with virtually NO radiation emissions, unlike other inferior units you might find online. If you want to feel like Superman (or Superwoman!) getting to a healthier you in the tiniest of spaces, the S810 model is your answer. This model only requires about 3’ of space—no bigger than a phone booth! (Remember those?) You’ll step in weary and emerge feeling super! Both the S820 and S810 plug into a basic household outlet, so no special wiring required.

There you have it! Five outstanding ways for you to get the relaxation and therapy in your apartment or condo that you might have only dreamed of till now. Visit one of our showrooms today and take a look. You’ll be thrilled at what you find!