Apparently, even bears love hot tubs!

Even bears need to relax.

In June this year, a woman in Longwood, Florida had her TV watching interrupted when she discovered a black bear who decided to take a dip in her hot tub!

The hot tub was attached to Jenny Rhoades’s swimming pool, surrounded by a screen barrier. When the bear discovered the pool, he pushed his way through a portion of the screen, breaking into the pool and hot tub space. After a bit of a drink from the hot tub, the bear apparently decided to take a dip for a few minutes. (Alas, no jets were running to soothe the bear’s aching muscles.)

After several minutes of enjoyable soaking, the homeowner decided it was time to get the bear on its merry way—and out of her hot tub. Her reason? She “didn’t want it getting used to using her spa”! Banging on a table, Jenny finally got the bear’s attention, and he emerged from the tub and lumbered off back through the hole it had created in the screen.

You can take a look at the video Jenny shot of her hot tub guest here.

Has anyone out there had some uninvited guests to their hot tub? We’d love to hear your stories!