ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System Updates

The exclusive ACE salt water sanitizing system has proven to be a major game changer in 2010. The following improvements make it even easier for you to be successful with the ACE system in 2011!

Updated Low Salt System Status Message
When scale accumulates on the ACE cell, due to calcium hardness in the water, it can cause the ACE system to display a low salt reading, even if the salt level of the hot tub water is actually in the OK range. To help users correctly identify the real issue when this occurs, we have changed the original low salt System Status Message which read – Low Salt/Check Cell. It now reads – Inspect Cell/Check Salt. This improvement, which is in effect for all 2011 Hot Spring spas, will help Hot Spring ACE system owners to find the root cause of the problem, rather than prompt them to immediately add more salt to the water.

The best way to avoid this issue is to prevent excessive scaling. Using the Vanishing Act™ calcium remover is the key to keeping the hardness level of the water near the target level of 50 ppm. By maintaining this low level of hardness, scale build-up on the electrodes is minimized, which helps ensure accurate salt level readings. ACE system owners should also be encouraged to clean the cell as directed in the ACE Owner’s Manual every 3 months as a preventative measure.

FreshWater® Salt Water Test Strips

We are pleased to introduce FreshWater salt water test strips. These salt water test strips have been customized to allow ACE system users to measure salt at the levels required by the ACE system. Most salt water test strips on the market are not designed to register salt levels below 1000 ppm, yet the ACE system target range is as low as 750 ppm. By making our FreshWater salt test strips available, we’re enabling ACE customers to independently verify the salt level reading that is automatically taken by the ACE system.

The FreshWater salt water test strips are easily merchandised on-shelf in display boxes of 12 bottles, each containing 25 individual test strips (PN 76234). This item will be available to order soon. We will be including a bottle of salt water test strips in each ACE kit, to ensure all new ACE customers have these test strips available for use at start-up.

As always, any questions or concerns are more than welcome.