ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System Facts

Chlorine-based salt water sanitizing systems have been in use in the pool and hot tub market for over 30 years. Traditional chlorine-generating sanitizing systems use titanium electrodes capable only of producing chlorine. Along with two titanium electrodes, the ACE system uses a unique solid diamond electrode that generates high energy Active Oxygen from water. The Active Oxygen is capable of cleaning the water without creating solely chlorinated or brominated byproducts. Once the water is clean, the Active Oxygen produces chlorine residual as well as ozone, hydrogen peroxide and MPS.

Common bottled chlorine contains stabilizers like cyanuric acid that can accumulate over time, causing irritation to the eyes and skin. Using the ACE sanitizing system avoids the addition of stabilizing acids to your water, making the water in your hot tub gentler and more enjoyable. Also, because the ACE system cleans your water with Active Oxygen without creating chlorinated or brominated byproducts, there is a significant reduction in the abrasive chlorine odor associated with traditional water sanitizing systems.

The ACE sanitizing system eliminates much of the daily/weekly water care requirements of traditional sanitizing systems, but hot tub owners still should practice the following:

  • Balance hot tub water at start-up and keep the hardness level near the target of 50 parts per million (ppm).
  • Ensure the chlorine level is in the EPA recommended range of 3-5 ppm.
  • Test and rebalance hot tub water and confirm use level every 30 days.
  • Clean the diamond electrode cell every three months. – The diamond electrode cell can be cleaned repeatedly with a mild acid solution. Soak the cell in the cleaning solutions for 10 minutes at a time. If the cell produces bubbles, change the solution and repeat until no bubbles are present.

Another advantage of using the ACE sanitizing system is that the unique diamond technology allows salt levels to be at a minimal 1,000-1,500 ppm which helps prevent corrosion, will not harm decks and plants and is virtually undetectable by taste or smell. However, it is recommended to regularly hose down decks and nearby plants since salt can accumulate to high levels over long periods of time.

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