A Hot Tub For Anti-Aging? Swim Spas Portland, OR Hot Tub Sale Oregon

The marketplace is flooded with products to combat the natural progression of aging. There are skin creams, vitamins, oils, even medical procedures that promise to reverse the signs of age. But let’s be serious. Aside from making a few healthy lifestyle choices through diet and exercise, there are no magic pills for looking ten years younger and you simply cannot turn back the hands of time. However, you can make the most of natural and proven effective ways to keep that youthful appearance. Consider using a hot tub for anti-aging and keep your money for the expensive creams where it belongs – in your pocket.

Maximize Sleep – Most of us know that 8 hours of sleep every night is recommended for optimal health. Sure, easy for them to say, but difficult, if not impossible, for most of us. During sleep, the body restores, repairs and nourishes cells that were damaged throughout the day. Free radicals from the environment get into the skin and accelerate the aging process. Luckily, using a hot tub after dinner, in the evening, can promote a healthy sleep. Warm, massaging water prepares your body for rest, but more importantly, promotes the deep sleep it needs to make these critical repairs. Insomnia, tossing and turning and not maximizing sleep – that will age you more in a year than eating fast food.

Vasodilation for Improved Skin – It may be hard to pronounce, but vasodilation is real and the hot tub is how it happens. What does it means for your skin? Vasodilation happens when blood vessels widen as they relax. As a result, blood flow increases, which makes the delivery of nutrients more efficient. Skin cells rejuvenate quickly and more effectively on account of increased blood flow, leaving skin looking younger, more refreshed and less “old”. Using the hot tub a few times a week brings younger, more vibrant and healthier skin cells to the surface more frequently, keeping your skin nourished and younger looking.

De-Stress for Anti-Aging – Most of us know that stress can have detrimental effects on the body. In fact, unmanaged stress is one of the leading causes of heart disease and stroke. If it takes a toll on the inside of the body, how do you think it affects the outside of the body? Elevated stress results in premature aging, evidenced by wrinkling, dryness and an overall sallow skin complexion. Using a hot tub for relaxation and stress relief is an easy, convenient way to reduce tension, and eliminate toxins from inside the mind and body that cause stress. Targeted massage relieves pressure from the neck, shoulders and lower back, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and recharged.

The hot tub may not be what you think of when you consider strategies for anti-aging, but in truth, it’s an effective tool for minimizing stress lines and premature wrinkles and helping you get the restorative, healthy sleep you need to keep youthful and glowing.