5 Simple Tips to Keep your Sauna in Tip-Top Shape

Now that we’ve been in the sauna business for a while, it’s come to our attention that a lot of folks don’t realize that a sauna needs to be maintained, much like anything else in our lives that get regular use. Here are some easy DIY tips to make sure your sauna stays in great condition – or we could do it for you!

  • Utilize good seat coverings. Sitting in a sauna does wonders to detoxify your system. Your body expels these toxins through sweat. You don’t exactly want all that sweat and body oil getting absorbed into your sauna wood. The best way to ensure you minimize this is by sitting on a good absorbent towel designed for saunas. There are excellent linen sauna seat covers (and other terrific sauna accessories) offered by our sauna manufacturer, Finnleo Saunas. Short of that, a good terry towel is an acceptable alternative. Be sure to have plenty on hand, so you and guests have a fresh one available.
  • Clean your sauna wood. For the stains that do end up on sauna benches, backrests or head rests, be sure to clean and sanitize them. Finnleo offers Sauna Clean, which is perfect for sauna wood and will clean and deodorize. If you still see some stain marks, fine sandpaper can be used to remove them. Vacuum the surfaces thoroughly when done.
  • Never stain sauna wood. The interior of your sauna should never be stained or varnished. It will seal the wood and could cause premature cracks/splintering of the wood. And, those products could cause off-gassing that would not be safe to inhale while taking a sauna.
  • Leave the door open a crack after a session. Residual moisture in the sauna is not a problem. Simply leave the sauna door open a crack so evaporation and drying can occur.
  • Clean floors and windows weekly. Sweat will obviously end up on the floor. Make sure whatever flooring you have in your sauna is cleaned to prevent odor and bacteria buildup. When the sauna is completely cool, clean the interior of the windows to be sure no staining occurs to the glass. Use vinegar based products that will not have any off-gassing when the sauna is heated.

These simple steps will help keep your sauna in great condition for safe healthy sessions. Enjoy!