Top 5 reasons to own a swim spa

With the introduction of TidalFit Swim Spas to our lineup of products at Oregon Hot Tub, we thought we’d give you five top reasons why getting a swim spa is a great idea:

  1. You’ll be healthier. With a swim spa at home, you’ll be able to take advantage of a swim daily. Swimming is good for burning calories, muscle toning, and improving respiratory and cardiovascular health. Nothing is more energizing than a quick swim to start out the day!
  2. For the kids. Kids not only love swimming, but it will also provide a great way to entertain their friends. You’ll be able to provide fun that will make them want to stay at home—where you can keep an eye on them. Plus—it will encourage your kids to learn how to swim if they’re still untrained, and teach them how to enjoy water without fear. A valuable life lesson!
  3. For your backyard. Take that unused portion of the backyard that never seems to get used much and transform it into one of the most desired pieces of real estate! You’ll end up enjoying your yard year round. (And hey—it will also cut down on the amount of lawn you’ll need to mow from now on!) It might also inspire you to do the backyard makeover you’ve always wanted.
  4. For rehabilitation. If someone you know has a sports injury, is wheelchair bound, or has problems exercising due to weight issues, a swim spa will provide a safe way to address health issues that could be otherwise a challenge.
  5. Training for runs, cycling and triathlons. A swim spa will help prepare you for the big marathon you’re training for, that century bike ride, or for the triathlon. Adding a swim spa routine to your training regimen will mix up your sessions, and provide a way to do resistance training without the extra wear on your joints.

This is just the start…there are likely many reasons you can think of that will make owning a swim spa the right answer for you. Water babies rejoice! We’ve got an entire line of energy-efficient TidalFit Swim Spas available. Visit us today and make a splash in your backyard!