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Winter Tips for Your Hot Tub

Winter Tips for Your Hot Tub
We’re entering the depths of winter (well, at least what winter in the Pacific Northwest looks like). We know a lot of folks get tempted to drain their hot tub during the winter and not use it. We’d like to submit to you that the winter time is absolutely one of the BEST times to … Read More

Handy Tips for Moving Your Hot Tub to a New Home

Handy Tips for Moving Your Hot Tub to a New Home
One thing we’ve learned over the years: When our customers move, it’s hard to leave your Hot Spring Spa behind! For those of you who just can’t bear it and decide to take your hot tub with you, here are some steps for a successful hot tub move.   If you’re employing a moving company, … Read More

Get your hot tub ready for Fall

Get your hot tub ready for Fall
Yes, it’s true—Fall is here. While some think this is the time to shut down their hot tub, we think it’s absolutely the best time to use it! Nothing is better on crisp cool (or rainy) nights than trotting out to the tub for a luxurious soak that will heat you up and keep you … Read More

Give your hot tub a deep clean

Give your hot tub a deep clean
Memorial Day is coming, and that’s a great time to get together with friends and family and enjoy a terrific weekend that could include hot tub soaking. When’s the last time you gave your hot tub a good “deep clean”? If it’s been a while, now’s the perfect time to hit it before the weekend … Read More

Five Tips for Crystal Clear Hot Tub Water  

This summer has been H-O-T-! But, soon enough, the temperatures will start to drop and we’ll once again be in the perfect weather conditions for nightly hot tub soaking. Is your hot tub ready for that? We’ve talked a bit in the past about water clarity, and as it seems to be a challenge for … Read More

Hints to clean up cloudy hot tub water

We get a lot of calls regarding cloudy hot tub water. Especially at this time of year, when the hot tub is getting increased use for social reasons and the bather load rises, it’s easier to get enough extra “stuff” introduced to the hot tub that can create cloudiness. There are a number of things … Read More

Hot Tubs Are Gross – No They Aren’t!

Lots of people out there like to give hot tubs a bad rap. Never mind all the health benefits that have been attributed to hot water therapy, and endorsements over the years from various groups (like the National Sleep Foundation & the National Arthritis Foundation)…some folks just think getting into a hot tub with others … Read More

Five winter hot tub no-no’s

We at Oregon Hot Tub know that there’s no better time to use your hot tub than in the depths of the winter season. It’s an awesome way to get rid of the winter chill, enjoy the tranquil darkness of a January night, and watch the steam rise off the hot tub as you melt … Read More

Five ways to guard your hot tub from the harsh winter weather

We’ve seen snow already this year—far earlier than we normally do! There’s no telling what lies ahead in the next few months, especially since winter doesn’t officially start till December 21st. One way to survive the cold is to make sure your hot tub is always hot & ready for revival. Here are five ways … Read More

Five things to do when you buy a home with a hot tub

Everyone always gets excited when they move into a new home—and plenty get even more excited when there’s a hot tub there. You just can’t wait to enjoy soaks in the privacy of your own backyard! But—don’t hop in just yet. There are a few things you should consider doing before you start enjoying that … Read More
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