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3 Ways to Melt Away Fat with a Swim Spa


When losing a few extra pounds is the goal, many of us turn to the local gym or fitness center, spending hours at a time trying to burn fat. Here’s some exciting news: add a swim spa to your routine and you’ll see incredible results in no time. Here are three ways using a swim spa can boost your weight loss efforts fast.

Swimming for allover Cardio

Running on the treadmill is fine, but it’s not nearly as effective at burning fat as swimming. Swimming laps burns fat from the entire body at once—the key to losing inches and melting fat from the upper and lower body simultaneously. A swim spa is unique in that it’s smaller than a pool, less expensive to maintain, and lets you swim laps as if you were in a large pool. Plus, with a fully customizable current, you can tailor the perfect workout every time.

Restore in the Spa Portion of Your Swim Spa

Believe it or not, relaxation is an important factor in weight loss. When high stress, lack of sleep, and joint pain go unresolved, the body cannot lose weight effectively. Luckily, the modern swim spa has both options: a swim current on one end, and a soothing spa on the other. Enjoy a rejuvenating aquatic workout and finish it off with some well deserved relaxation in the swim spa.

Add Strength Training to Your Routine

Did you know that weight loss is twice as effective when you add strength training in to the mix? With resistance bands and bars, rowing and more, it’s easy to outfit you swim spa with a variety of strength and muscle sculpting accessories. Use and underwater treadmill or swim for cardio, and complete your routine with a few rounds of muscle toning for accelerated weight loss.

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