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Swim Spas Jantzen Beach
Swim Spas Jantzen Beach

When improved health and wellness are top of mind, look no further than the swim spa. An amazing machine that pairs the benefits of swimming with hydromassage, the swim spa is the key to finally reaching your wellness goals. Here are three easy ways to use a swim spa to boost health at home.

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Eliminate Stress and Tension Pain Discomfort from a stiff neck or tight shoulders can wreak havoc on how you feel. While elevated stress can come and go, relieving tension at the core, before it develops into pain is key. A swim spa can be equipped with a hot tub at one end, with powerful jets and heated water to ease tense muscles and joints. Soak regularly, and your swim spa can keep stress pain at bay for relaxed, loose muscles and joints.

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Maximize Heart Health with Lap Swimming Aerobic activity on a regular basis is how to keep the heart healthy and strong. Swimming is one of the best activities, since it’s low impact and super easy to do. The swim spa was made for uninterrupted lap swimming. A continuous, adjustable current lets you to swim at your own pace without ever hitting the wall or having to turn around. Swim daily and you’ll give your heart the workout it needs for great cardiovascular health. And you’ll keep your body lean and strong too.

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Improve Flexibility, Joint Health With regular use, the swim spa can help you keep aging joints in great shape. Swim, stretch or just relax in the water for improved flexibility and increased range of motion. Build a light cardiovascular routine using the resistance of the current and strengthen the joints in a cushioned, buoyant environment. Remember, the swim spa is small enough to fit indoors, making a complete aquatic gym available on demand from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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