Executive Trainer 19EX

The ALL NEW 19 foot Executive Trainer have two multi-hydrotherapy massage seats making it a hot tub, pool and aquatic gym all-in-one. This swim spa has a totally unique swim system providing the best swim in the industry with no under tow or back wash just a clean jet stream of water to swim, exercise and play against.
The fiberglass reinforced acrylic one piece mini-pool that provides you more room to swim, jog, exercise, or play with the largest swim tank on the market today.This swim spa requires less space, costs less money to install, cost less money to operate and requires less maintenance than any other conventional pool.

  • Self Clean Mode
  • HydroClean Floor Vacuum
  • Removable Core Pressurized Filter
  • Programmable Filtration Cycles
  • HydroFlex Foot Massage
  • Underwater LED Safety Lighting
  • SoftStride Exercise Mat
  • 24″ Curved Stainless Steel Exercise Bar
  • AquaPro Control





Executive Trainer 19EX

Executive Trainer 19EX

Swim Spa vs. Pool

What can I do in a Swim Spa?

Why choose Hydropool?

Specification: Executive Trainer 19EX

Width: 220 Inches / 558.80 cm
Height: 93 Inches / 236.22 cm
Primary Specs
Weight Full 22948 lbs / 10412 kg
Weight Empty 3028 lbs / 1374 kg
Shell Length 220 Inches / 558.80 cm
Shell Width 93 Inches / 236.22 cm
Shell Height 52.75 Inches / 133.99 cm
Volume 2378 US Gal / 9038 L
Seating 4

93 Inches / 236.22 cm

220 Inches / 558.80 cm



Pump Design

  • 2 1/2 Inch Diameter Plumbing
  • Pumps located as close to the Swim Jets as possible
  • Two-5hp Pumps delivering over 360 gallons/minute per jet


Patented Swim Jet Tech

  • Widest, smoothest and most predictable swim current in the industry
  • Unique V-Twin technology supercharges the swim current producing the highest volume of water possible


Customizable Current

  • Adjustability of levels for anyone from Novice to Tri-athlete
  • Ability to simultaneously adjust the speed of each V-Twin Jet from 0 – 10mph


Fully Programable

  • Two User Programs
  • First swim spa with built in treadmill technology
  • Hill Climb and Interval Training Programs are standard
  • Track your speed, distance, time training and calories burned


European Design

  • Shell is tapered to force water towards the back of the swim spa
  • Shell has little to no obstructions allowing water to flow unobstructed towards the current collector


Turbulence – Free

  • Eliminates the turbulence created by diversion of water
  • Eliminates the possibility of any reflective wave occurring
  • Functions like a conveyor belt, the “Throw and Catch” further eliminates turbulence
  • All of the water produced from the V-Twin Jets and the Buoyancy Jet is pushed towards the patented Current Collector



Rowing Kit


EZ Ultra Pure Ozone System

Aqua Fitness KitFlex Current Control

Bellagio Package


2 Extra LED’s Northern Lights



Shell Option

Silver Marble

Shell Option

Quartz Mist

Shell Option

Pure White

Shell Option

Alpine Mist

Cabinet Option


Cabinet Option


Cabinet Option

Black Cherry