Laava Heater

Laava heaters are an update on the Professional series heaters that have been the standard of the industry for more than 25 years. Laava are designed for large, residential and commercial-sized saunas.

With a maximum amount of stones of 132 lbs, these stoves create a pleasant and relaxing sauna experience. The Laava pairs with a range of controls: Elite, Pure 2.0 with On/Off button, Digi and FSC.

BWT with auto-fill is optional.

Laava Features:

  • For rooms from 390-950 cu. ft.
  • Designed for large residential & commercial size sauna rooms
  • Pairs with a range of controls, including:
    • Elite (recommended)
    • Pure 2.0
    • Digi Series
    • FSC Series Controls – Dialed
  • Auto-fill BWT available as an option
  • Large 132 lb rock capacity

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