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3 Fun Hot Tub Facts


Having a hot tub in the home is something few would dispute as being an enjoyable element. There’s nothing quite like having a luxurious, warm and inviting spa ready for someone when they get home from a hard day, or available for an invigorating dip at the beginning of the day. Hot tubs are great for working out the kinks and soreness of the day and relaxing. A hot tub is also great for family gatherings, friendly get-togethers and parties. Here are three fun facts about hot tubs.

Hot Tub Type Hydrotherapy is an Ancient Tradition

Modern hot tubs get their inspiration from ancient society’s use of natural hot springs for their relaxation, enjoyment and health benefits. Throughout the ages, men have improved on nature’s hydrotherapy in countries all over the globe. From the Roman baths to Japanese Onsen, the idea of using hot water and water current to sooth aches and pains and just relax has been around for centuries. It was even prescribed as a cure for sickness by Hippocrates.

Today, experts understand much more about the healing properties of hot tubs. They are often used in nursing burns and treating wounds. Portable spas are great for improving blood flow to injuries and sore muscles and have been shown to improve metabolic function. They are great for people who suffer from arthritis, deal with work or sports related muscle pain and for dealing with daily stress levels.

Hot Tubs are Hugely Popular

Residential hot tubs are very popular and that’s no surprise considering how affordable they are and how easy they are to maintain. There are an estimated 5.8 million hot tubs in homes in the U.S. alone. Portable spas are an attractive home addition, not only because they are luxurious and add to a home’s enjoyability, but also because they are an investment that stand up to the test of time. A quality hot tub can be a part of the home for 20 or more years.

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