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Hot Tubs Bend, Portable Spas, Oregon

Health and Fitness Made Easy with a Hot Tub


A warm, relaxing hot tub is the perfect place to unwind after a long day. Massaging jets target the entire body at once, relieving nagging aches and pains effortlessly. But, the hot tub offers unique benefits above and beyond everyday relaxation. Here’s how to use the spa for health and fitness from the comfort of home.

Portable Spas – Low Impact Moves for Heart Health

Slip into the hot tub and elevated heat soothes and relaxes tight muscles, increasing flexibility for pain free movement. With muscles warmed, light cardiovascular exercise, such as stretching in place or kicking the feet is comfortable and safe. A quick routine a few times a week in the spa is a simple, effective way to promote a strong heart.

Work Your Core

Abdominal fitness doesn’t need to be limited to sit up’s or crunches. In the spa, it’s easy to work the core by holding on to the side of the hot tub and moving the lower body. Small, tight movements, such as bringing the knees to the chest and then extending legs outward work the abdominal muscles. Water also offers a cushioned environment, reducing neck strain that often accompanies abdominal exercise.

Strengthen and Tone the Upper Body

The natural resistance of water can be used to tone and strengthen the arms in the hot tub. Without using hand weights, it’s possible to work the biceps, triceps and shoulders in one easy movement. With the body submerged underwater, clap the hands in a slow, rhythmic motion. Three sets of ten a few times a week is enough to shape and tone the upper body for a lean, sleek look.

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