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3 Ways a Hot Tub Helps You Relax


Deep, complete relaxation is important for health and wellness, yet few of us an honestly say we relax enough. With work demands, family obligations and more, taking time out for yourself is next to impossible. Luckily, a hot tub at home delivers relaxation on demand, and in just a few minutes. Her are three ways the family spa helps promote relaxation.

Powerful Hydrotherapy Jet Massage

When muscles and joints hurt from overuse or tension pain, massage is a quick way to get relief. Hot tubs are equipped with powerful jets scattered throughout the tub that push streams of water at the body. Modern hot tubs offer multiple settings, meaning you can customize pressure and intensity for the perfect hydro-massage from home. In less than 20 minutes, a tight, stressed body relaxes for allover relief.

Reduced Gravitational Pull

Walking, standing and even sitting for long periods of time places pressure on the knee and hip joints, creating discomfort and pain. One of the best ways to target this pressure is to soak in water. Water is buoyant, which is why a hot tub is the go-to solution for pain relief. Submerge the body and relief is instant as water provides a cushion, reducing gravitational pull. Heat and buoyancy work together for quick, long lasting relief.

Body and Mind Equilibrium

Combat environmental stress and mental anxiety at once with a quick dip in the spa. Warm water promotes the release of dopamine, a stress-busting hormone, while elevated heat soothes and calms a busy mind. Immersion in hot water also promotes cardiovascular health, encouraging a healthy, strong heart.

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