Have thyroid issues? Want to avoid them? No bromine in your hot tub, please!

no-bromineOregon Hot Tub has actively offered alternatives to using old school bromine in hot tubs for nearly 20 years. Advances in hot tub water care have offered options that ditch bromine floaters in favor of healthier alternatives.

One of the reasons we’ve never been endorsers of bromine is the delivery system used for bromine in most hot tubs. The bromine floater that gets loaded up with tablets and left to sit in your tub is not doing you any favors. Once it kills bacteria in the water, it can then proceed to eat your hot tub shell, cause a lot of pH balancing problems, skin and eye irritation, and more. But—did you know you could also cause thyroid problems or exacerbate existing thyroid issues by using bromine??

Dr. Joseph Mercola published an article in 2010 about the dangers of bromine toxicity. Bromine is used in a variety of products, including car upholstery and even some carbonated beverages.

We’re always alarmed at the number of hot tub owners still relying on old school bromine floaters to sanitize their hot tubs. Soaking in water that basically has been turned into a chemical reservoir by a floater constantly dispensing bromine is simply not a good idea. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and gets entirely immersed in bromine treated water every time you soak!

Over exposure to bromine can cause hypothyroidism. Ingesting bromine in irregular amounts displaces iodine in your body. A deficiency of iodine can increase your chances of breast, thyroid gland, ovary and prostate cancers. Too much bromine exposure can also lead to a buildup of the chemical in your central nervous system. It can depress your nervous system, triggering various psychological issues including acute paranoia.

Exposure to high levels of bromine can result in bromine toxicity. Symptoms of bromine toxicity include skin rashes, severe acne, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, fatigue, cardiac arrhythmia, and a metallic taste in the mouth.

If you’ve been using bromine in a floater to sanitize your hot tub, it’s time to join us in the year 2013 and explore the alternatives available to keep your hot tub sanitized and also make it healthier for you and your friends and family.

Oregon Hot Tub has successfully offered Hot Spring’s EverFresh System for almost twenty years. This great system utilizes ozone teamed up with silver ions to keep your tub free of bacteria. Shock is used after each soak to activate the sanitizing process—shock that is both chlorine and bromine free. With this system, a teaspoon of chlorine is recommended weekly. That tiny amount of chlorine is eliminated in about six hours by the ozone system.

Another option is Hot Spring’s tremendous new ACE Salt Water System. Using state of the art technology, carbon and diamond electrodes convert salt into natural chlorine (not the bottled stuff!), and creates several other cleaners and oxidizer to boot.

Both of these systems are simple, odor free, gentle on your skin, and will not expose you to harmful bromine.

You own a hot tub to escape from the stresses of the world and do something good for you! Visit us today, throw away that nasty old bromine floater, and immerse yourself in healthier water today. You deserve it!