110% Risk-Free Guarantee

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“Spa Exchange Satisfaction” Guarantee
For 30 days from the date of delivery, Oregon Hot Tub will exchange your Hot Spring hot tub or Hydropool swim spa for the difference in purchase price between models, plus a nominal swap and restock fee of $500 for hot tubs, and $1,000 for swim spas1.

“Happy Where It Is” Guarantee
For 6 months from the date of delivery, Oregon Hot Tub will do a standard relocation of your Hot Spring hot tub or Hydropool swim spa one time to any location on the property from where the hot tub was originally placed upon delivery2.

“Peace of Mind” Guarantee
For the entire warranty period, our verified service partner, AllSpa, will perform all warranty work on your hot tub. In today’s world, you have the assurance and “peace of mind” that licensed and bonded professionals will be maintaining your spa.

“Best Price” Guarantee
If at any time for 6 months following the purchase of your new factory wrapped hot tub you discover that we are offering better pricing than what you originally paid on your tub, simply let us know – we will send you a gift coupon worth 110% of the difference3.

“Energy-Efficient” Guarantee
Our Energy-Efficient Hot Spring spas and Hydropool swim spas have been vigorously tested by the nation’s leading independent scientific and engineering firms to give you the confidence that you own the most efficient hot tub available. Our tubs are the most energy efficient on the market, and we have the numbers to prove it.

“Certified Pre-Owned” Guarantee
With the purchase of a Certified Pre-Owned hot tub, you’ll have 6 months at no depreciation to return your tub for the full purchase price to put towards the purchase of a new Hot Spring spa at regular price4.

1Does not include delivery, installation, removal of old hot tub, electrical, lifting, decking or other installation costs. 2Standard relocation means basic moving to the
installation site where no major obstacles exist and with a clear path from the original site to the new desired final location. Does not include any special consideration such
as additional personnel (more than two) or cranes. 3Best price applies only to the hot tub itself. Accessories, supplies, delivery, installation or any other costs do not qualify.
4Returned Certified Pre-Owned or Freeflow tub must be in working condition for guarantee to apply. 5Entire guarantee applies only to new, factory wrapped hot tubs or
swim spas.