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Sue Rogers is President of Oregon Hot Tub, a premier dealer of Hot Spring Spas, Hydropool Swim Spas, Finnleo Saunas, Infinity Massage Chairs and the Big Green Egg. As Oregon's largest hot tub company, established in 1979, we have 5 stores in Oregon and SW Washington. The company has earned the reputation as "The One Friends Recommend." http://OregonHotTub.com

President, Oregon Hot Tub Sue Rogers

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Why Finnleo Infrared Saunas are the safest

header_benefits_sauna_muscularskeletalThere are a lot of infrared saunas out in the market today. It seems every time we turn around we see some random off brand of infrared room popping up, promising all kinds of health benefits.

More and […]

Oregon Hot Tub offers the safest infrared saunas in the world!

Finnleo Infrared Saunas feature new patented CarbonFlex panels. These panels were developed over a number of years, and are now ready for consumers. The exciting feature of these panels: they are the safest […]

Improve Cardiovascular Performance With a Sauna – Saunas Portland, Sauna Sale Beaverton, OR

header_benefits_sauna_cardioThese days, who isn’t trying to make improvements to health and well being? Most of us watch what we eat (at least some of the time), exercise and try to avoid poor lifestyle choices like smoking or drinking alcohol in excess. But […]

The easiest way to give yourself a makeover? Regular sauna use!

header_benefits_sauna_cardioLike it or not, people are obsessed with the way they look, and the way others perceive them. It’s just one of those fallible parts of being a human being. During the recent years of recession, did you know […]

Have thyroid issues? Want to avoid them? No bromine in your hot tub, please!

no-bromineOregon Hot Tub has actively offered alternatives to using old school bromine in hot tubs for nearly 20 years. Advances in hot tub water care have offered options that ditch bromine floaters in favor of healthier alternatives.

One […]

Clackamas Hot Tubs, Swim Spas Sale Clackamas, Three Reasons Why a Hot Tub Is Better Than a Hot Bath

header_benefits_hottubs_chronicLike most people, you’ve heard about the benefits of soaking in a hot tub, and you’re excited to think that relaxing in warm water can bring about such tremendous advantages. But what about the bathtub in your home? Can you draw a […]

Improve Your Workout Routine – Clackamas Hot Tubs, Swim Spas Sale Clackamas

19fX_mainExercise is a critical part of staying in shape, feeling good and boosting energy levels. However, sometimes the same old routine can become boring, making it less likely that we will want to do it.

Before letting your hard earned work go down […]

Great news! Owners of an older Hot Spring Spa may be able to enjoy the ACE Salt Water System

salt-water benefitsOregon Hot Tub has been fortunate to carry Hot Spring Spas, the best-selling brand of hot tub worldwide.  When Hot Spring introduced the revolutionary ACE Salt Water System in 2009, many hot tub users rejoiced. The opportunity to […]

Living With Diabetes: Strategies for Success – Beaverton Hot Tubs, Swim Spas Sale Beaverton

Hot Spring-Highlife-2013-Aria-Lifestyle-Pearl-Espresso-01Coping with diabetes is never easy. Whether it’s learning to avoid certain favorite foods, incorporating exercise into an already hectic schedule or getting used to taking daily medication, no one enjoys the lifestyle changes that accompany the disease.

However, there are a […]

What’s the best burger to celebrate National Barbecue Month?

big-green-eggOregon Hot Tub has just arrived at the phenomenon that is the Big Green Egg. We know there are a lot of you out there that are BIG Big Green Egg fans—and we’re right there […]